The Lingulotta principle


Time and quality translations for you – I allow myself to take the time I need to provide quality translations. I work with a native English speaker who carefully proofreads translations into English.

Translation into the easy language

My translations into easy language are checked for comprehensibility by trained examiners from the Easy Language Network.


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Audio description

Audio descriptions are intended for people who cannot see. Therefore, I am creating this with an expert in this field, my blind colleague and friend Franziska Sgoff.

Do what you love – love what you do!

Basically, in my work I only deal with topics that are important to me, that interest me and that are close to my heart:

Pure nature & protection of the same

Social & brilliant

Travel in a quiet way

Film, series, documentaries

On the trail of culture

Earthly, heavenly & contemplative

Sports & games

Food / drinks

Leisure time – time out – life time

… I am enthusiastic – test the Lingulotta principle. I am looking forward to hearing from you!