About me

„Freedom means that you don’t necessarily have to do everything like other people.“

Astrid Lindgren

I am Andrea Mata. In 2001 I completed my studies in foreign languages ​​at the Academy for Foreign Languages ​​and Foreign Studies at the University of Erlangen as a state-certified translator for the English language.

You don’t experience language in universities or academies, but in countries and with people themselves. So I took advantage of the opportunities that life offered me. I spent three years in Venezuela as the coordinator of an international volunteer organization to set up the infrastructure and social facilities on site. I took on different jobs and got insight into different professional areas.

During my travels through England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland I deepened my love of the English language (in Spain and Venezuela I fell in love with Spanish, in Italy with Italian and recently more and more also with French …).

In the course of time I realized: language is a key that opens many doors. But this key is not available to everyone. I wanted to use my key and open doors for other people. In this way, the subject of language accessibility became more and more important to me. So I expanded my professional portfolio to include subtitling, audio description and translation into the easy language.